About the Department

"The National Christian Education Department endeavors through the development of biblically sound and doctrinally correct program materials and curricula, to bring young people and adults into a personal relationship with the living God, and to train them to live as disciples of Christ Jesus and faithful soldiers of The Salvation Army."

- Mission Statement of the National Christian Education Department

What do we do here?

We create the national curricula for The Salvation Army’s discipleship, character building, and evangelism programs in the United States. That means Junior Soldiers—Preparation, Junior Soldiers, and Honor Junior Soldiers; BOLD for Corps Cadets; Guarding—Moonbeams, Sunbeams, and Girl Guards; and Adventure Corps—Explorers and Rangers.


How do we do it?

We pray; meet in committees; decide what we want the children to learn and in what order we want them to learn it; pray; build partnerships; brainstorm; research; study Scripture; write; edit; rewrite; animate; graphically design; record videos and use social media; fine tune; pray; publish; evaluate; revise; and repeat.

We are the Christian Education Department, CED (pronounced “seed”) for short. Through our curricula, we plant seeds of faith, character, and leadership in the fertile soil of children’s hearts and minds and provide resources for local leaders to cultivate and nurture those seeds, with the help of the Holy Spirit, into full knowledge and acceptance of Christ, strong Christian character, and active participation and leadership in the corps.

Contact CED:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the curriculum, programs, or website, please feel free to email the CED department

For physical mail:

C/O: Christian Education
615 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22315

The Christian Education Team:

Captain Matt Satterlee
National Youth Secretary

Captain Matt Satterlee comes from a long line of Salvation Army officers going back at least 4 generations. He was born in West Virginia and met the Lord at the age of 7 on an altar in the Frederick, Maryland corps. Moving around with his parents and growing in his faith for many years, he was accepted on a Salvationist Service Corps trip in the summer of 2002 to minister in Argentina and Paraguay. It was there, in the back hallway of the corps in Asuncion, Paraguay, that the Lord called him to be a Salvation Army Officer.

Captain Matt and his wife Jamie have been married for 18 years, and have spent 14 years serving in ministry, including seven years as a Divisional Youth Leaders in Georgia and Florida. They have two wonderful daughters, and a dog. In his free time, Captain Matt enjoys watching every sport he can, but college football is his favorite.

Studies show that nearly half of all Christians say they accepted Christ before the age of 13.  Captain Matt says, “If we are called to make other’s salvation the first purpose of our lives, we should be exhausting ourselves in youth ministry.” Having come to National Headquarters following 7 years of ministry to young people, the Satterlees are passionate about the discipleship of young people. They are excited to be a part of the CED and Publications teams, and they are eager to speak about the importance of youth ministry across the nation.

Carolyn Bailey
Curriculum Development Director

A fourth generation and lifetime Salvationist, child of officers, born in Zimbabwe, and raised in Zambia and the New York/New Jersey area, Carolyn went to St. Thomas, USVI with Summer Service Corps and served three years with The Salvation Army in Zambia. She earned a BA in Literature from Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL and an MFA in Creative Writing—Non-Fiction from Columbia University, NYC.

Believing nothing is lost in God’s economy, she worked as a camp counselor, administrative assistant, janitor, preschool teacher, writer, editor, corps assistant, campus tour guide and host, print shop worker, English teacher, and stay-at-home mom. God uses it all. She is married with four young adult children. By nature, she’s a connector, an includer, and a storyteller. Her life motto is “We are better together.”

What does she do? Every curriculum produced comes across her desk and meets her red pen.

Cari Arias
Curriculum Writer/Editor

Cari is the daughter of retired officers in the Western Territory. A fetal Salvationist, she grew up in California and Oregon, donning both junior and senior soldier uniforms (but not at the same time). She was a timid corps cadet whose leader forced her to preach a sermon from the pulpit on Corps Cadet Sunday, effectively opening up her shy shell and leading her down a path of ministry. Cari set up the Corps Cadet program in the Dominican Republic, then oversaw it at a divisional level and the territorial level in the West before birthing BOLD and joining the NHQ CE Department as a full-time writer and editor of BOLD for Corps Cadets.

Cari has six kids, all of whom are current corps cadets (yes, that's right--SIX teenagers!). Her husband, Matthew, comes from the ranks of the Nazarene Church, so he is (mostly) welcomed with open arms by her Army family. At least he knows what Wesleyan-Arminian means…and can even spell it. Along with their six kids, they have a not-so-trained puppy (at least she's cute) and a cat who oversees the household. Cari works for the department from Denver, CO and is pretty sure she has the best job in the whole entire world. She is also a staunch supporter of the Oxford comma.

Steven Carpenter
Senior Graphic Designer

Steven is a sports fan, movie buff, and music trivia whiz. Steven started working at NHQ as a graphic design intern shortly before receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. With well over a decade of experience working with the Christian Education Department’s programs, he is the true backbone of the department!

When he’s not at work, he is spending time with his wife, his two children, and the Washington Capitals hockey team.

Erin Morris
Graphic Designer

As a child, Erin never traveled without a sketchbook and a pencil. As an adult, not much changed. She has always had a deep love of the arts and education, which grew into a career devoted to educational multimedia. Erin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Media Arts and Animation, and she is working towards a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instructional Design. She believes that education should be available to everyone, because education is our greatest path to success.

When she’s not working, Erin can usually be found drawing, sewing, or working on some other sort of craft project. She is married and has two elderly cats.

Bethany Pousinho
Curriculum/Circulation Project Manager

Bethany works to coordinate the logistics of the department. She manages the schedules, contracts, planning, and payments, and make sure things are completed in a timely manner. She is married and has one son. Bethany and her family enjoy living life as an adventure. They love to travel and experience new food and things that challenge them. In addition to travel, outdoor activities rank high on their list of entertainment.

Joshua Duenke
Multimedia Developer

Joshua has been with the Christian Education department since April 2015. With a BA in Media Communication from Asbury University, he is the multi-media specialist. That means he creates videos and all kinds of spiffy stuff for social media. He is the meme master and the pun professor and the guitar hero. He is the department’s digital storyteller. His life and work are shaped by the gospel story—everything for God’s glory.

An avid cyclist, adventurous hiker, enthusiastic guitarist, and creator of outdoor and musical family memories, he is the grateful husband of Sarah, and proud father of five.