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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the curriculum, programs, or website, please feel free to email the CED department

For physical mail:

C/O: Christian Education
The Salvation Army National Headquarters
615 Slaters Lane
Alexandria, VA 22315

Online Youth Meeting Protocol:

We have entered a whole new world with virtual programing. It comes with frustrations, challenges, and opportunities. We now have a window into the children’s homes—homes we may not have been invited into before. Handle this with sensitivity. The Christian Education Department has compiled a list of precautions and tips for leaders to follow as youth programs moves into more digital spaces.

Click here to download the Online Youth Meeting Protocol PDF.

En Espanol - Protocolo de Reuniones de Jóvenes en Línea

Territorial and Divisional Youth Department Websites:

For territory and division-specific programs and information, please use the following sites:

Central Territory: Central Youth Network

Eastern Territory: BoothYouth

Southern Territory: Youth Down South

Western Territory: SAYConnect

Heartland Division

Indiana Division

Kansas and Western Missouri Division

Metropolitan Division

Midland Division

Northern Division

Western Division

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Alaska Division

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Golden State Division

Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division

Intermountain Division

Northwest Division

Southwest Division

HOW Books

The HOW Books provide helpful information on how each program's structure, leadership roles, rules, regulations, awards, and more. They contain any forms that are required for use within the programs, and any additional resources that are needed.

Corps Cadets

Junior Soldiers

Girl Guards



Adventure Corps

Consent Forms and Orders and Regulations

Consent to Publication

Consentimiemto para la Publicacion

Corps Cadets

Guards & Sunbeams

Work Among Young People

Policies and Procedures

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Logos and Artwork

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