Explorers (Grades 1-5)

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The Explorer program is designed to create an opportunity for boys in first through fifth grade to step out on an adventure with Christ and the world around them. There are opportunities to learn about topics of interest for each boy. If an emblem is not available to cover a specific topic, a troop can work on a Design Your Own emblem and create a specialized opportunity of study. Each emblem can be copied separately and done in whatever order best suits a troop. Throughout the emblems, the Explorer Handbook and Explorer notebook are mentioned. The complete Explorer Handbook would include a copy of the requirements for every emblem. Most troops, however, will customize the Explorer Handbook by adding copies of emblems as they work on them.

You might choose to create a three-ring binder for each Explorer to keep the Explorer Handbook pages and pictures or copies of other project work together. This is the Explorer notebook.

Explorers Course Materials (PDF files):

Full Curriculum
(50 Emblems)

Emblem List

Welcome and Awards

Photo Attribution

Individual Emblems (PDF):

  1. 3D Art

  2. Basketry

  3. Bicycling

  4. Bird Life

  5. Camping

  6. Citizenship

  7. Collector

  8. Communicator

  9. Community Safety

  10. Cooking

  11. Design Your Own

  12. Earth Knowledge

  13. Ecology

  14. Family Life

  15. First Aid

  16. Fishing

  17. Fitness

  18. Friendship

  19. Gardening

  20. God's Word

  21. Health and Body

  22. Hiking

  23. Individual Sports

  24. Insect Life

  25. Laundry

  1. Leathercraft

  2. Manners

  3. Men of the Bible

  4. Multimedia

  5. Music

  6. Native American Exploration

  7. Olympics

  8. Others

  9. Our World

  10. Outer Space

  11. Pets and Animals

  12. Play Actor

  13. Public Speaking

  14. Reading

  15. Safety At Home

  16. Scientist

  17. Space Exploration

  18. Substance Abuse

  19. Swimming

  20. Team Sports

  21. The Artist

  22. The Salvation Army

  23. Transportation

  24. Tree Study

  25. Woodcraft