Moonbeams/Rayitos de Luna

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The Salvation Army Moonbeam program is specifically designed and written for kindergarten children. A kindergartner is much more like a three to four-year-old child than a six-year-old, developmentally and cognitively. Eyesight, hearing, motor skills, and bones are all still developing, as well as the ability to reason and think logically. Moonbeams offers a variety of activities to help children develop their self-image and their image of God.


  • To provide experiences to help children be active physically and mentally
  • To offer a variety of activities and choices so children can learn their own likes and dislikes
  • To develop language and vocabulary through stories, sounds, rhymes, and songs

Moonbeams Course Materials/Rayitos de Luna Materiales:

Full Course


Rayitos de Luna:
Curso Completo

Rayitos de Luna:

Moonbeams Emblems/Diversion En Concinar:

  1. Animal Friends

  2. Bible

  3. Colors

  4. Come See My Bug

  5. Cooking Fun

  6. Helper

  7. Mind Your Manners

  8. Our Own Emblem

  9. Out of this World

  10. Reading Fun

  11. Someone Special

  12. Stay Safe

  13. Summer Fun

  14. The Salvation Army

  15. Trees

  16. Winter Fun

  1. Alguien Especial

  2. Amigos Animales

  3. Arboles

  4. Ayudante

  5. Biblia

  6. Colores

  7. Diversion En Concinar

  8. Diversion en Invierno

  9. Diversion en Leer

  10. Diversion en Verano

  11. Ejercito de Salvacion

  12. Fuera de este Mundo

  13. Nuestro Propio Emblema

  14. Portate Bien

  15. Quedate Seguro

  16. Via a ver Mi Insecto