BOLD for Corps Cadets/BOLD para Cadetes Locales

The overall goal of the Corps Cadet program is to prepare our young people for a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and for serving God and The Salvation Army to the fullest extent possible. A program aimed at 13-18 year-olds, this required program holds classes during the months of September through May, taking one month off in winter (either December or January).

The BOLD for Corps Cadets curriculum is a student-based learning format in which students actively participate in activities and discussions and make discoveries rather than having teachers dictate all facts and ideas. Through the lessons, corps cadets understand biblical truths and derive important principles to apply to their own life situations.


  • To provide an atmosphere in which spiritual growth can occur
  • To provide opportunities for development of leadership skills
  • To deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Salvation Army history, policies, and practices
  • To provide training and opportunities to develop soul-winning experiences
  • To provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship and relationship-building in a safe and caring small group

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Course Materials/Materiales del Curso:

BOLD 2nd Edition: 2020-2025

Course/Curso A
Fall/Otono 2020

Truth • Old Testament
New Testament • Wisdom

Course/Curso B

Trinity • Love • Holy Spirit • Worship


Course/Curso C

Identity • Resurrection
Church • Marriage


Course/Curso D

Ethics • Purity & Sex
Justice • Tolerance


BOLD Resources/Recursos:

Consent to Publication

The Soldier's Covenant

The Salvation Army Doctrines

Consentimiemto para la Publicacion

Pacto de un Soldado

Las Doctrinas del Ejercito de Salvacion

HOW Book: Corps Cadets


Previous BOLD Programs:

Gap Year: 2019

Course/Curso A

Mercy • Love
Bible Study • Integrity


Course/Curso B

Spiritual Disciplines • Beauty • Worldview • Trinity

BOLD 1st Edition: 2014-2018

Course/Curso A

Mercy • Love
Bible Study • Integrity


Course/Curso B

Spiritual Disciplines • Beauty
Worldview • Trinity


Course/Curso C

Service • Purity & Sex
Absolute Truth • The Church