Junior Soldiers

For the full Junior Soldiers program, please visit JuniorSoldiers.com

The Junior Soldier program is aimed at 7-14 year-olds. A month or more after seeking salvation, a young person may be accepted for Junior Soldiership if he or she is not a member of another church.

The overall goal is to make sure our Salvation Army children have personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior and that they begin to be disciple in biblical truths, life applications, and Salvation Army principles and practices. The desire is for them to mature as continually-developing followers of Christ and active soldiers in The Salvation Army.


  • To help the Junior Soldier develop spiritual awareness
  • To increase their knowledge of the Bible
  • To give the Junior Soldier guidance in developing a lifestyle appropriate to their faith
  • To offer instruction in Salvation Army history, principles, and practices
  • To give the Junior Soldier opportunities for leadership and participation in various aspects of service

Junior Soldiers Course Materials:

Each download link contains the instructional materials (lesson plans and take-home worksheets) for all four units within each module.

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

Materiales del Curso de Soldados Junior:

Cada enlace de descarga contiene los materiales de instrucción (planes de lección y hojas de trabajo para llevar a casa) para las cuatro unidades dentro de cada módulo.

Módulo 2

Módulo 3

Módulo 7

Módulo 8

Módulo 9

Módulo 10