Sunday School

The mission of Sunday school is to develop Christ-like character in ordinary people through time-tested spiritual disciplines of Scripture study and memorization, prayer, and activities. The objective is the salvation and nurturing of souls to the honor and glory of God as well as building interpersonal relationships. This objective is both evangelistic and educational. Every effort should be put forth to make Sunday school effective because it is an incredibly important opportunity for gathering in and educating people for God.

Orange is a fun, creative new Sunday school curriculum that uses videos, music, creative games, and unique communication tools to engage with families and communities in their spiritual growth.

There are five essential guidelines that make up the Orange approach:

  1. Align Leaders
  2. Engage Parents
  3. Elevate the Community
  4. Refine the Message
  5. Influence Service

 Orange will help you do what you most want to do through Sunday school: develop leaders, share the Gospel, and love kids.

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