The Salvation Army Sunbeam program emphasizes discipleship, evangelism, and the development of life skills. Aimed at girls in grades 1-5, it offers opportunities for building relationship with the youth who are members of the program as well as unique opportunities for presenting the gospel. Sunbeams takes members through a series of achievement emblems and award levels that help youth to develop their unique individuality and potential.


  • Exploration of personal strengths and gifts through interaction with leaders and other youth
  • Learning the importance of moral values and biblical truths by experiencing God’s Word and by the example Christian leaders model
  • Developing physically, mentally, and socially as they learn program aims and goals
  • A balanced environment for learning that is fun, youth-oriented, and Christ-honoring

Sunbeams Course Materials:

Complete Curriculum
(ZIP File - 23 MB)


Design Your Own Emblem

Sunbeams Application

Sunbeams Sash

Sunbeams Uniform

Sunbeams: How Book

Award: Commissioner's Star Application

Award: Commissioner's Sunbeam Application

Award: God and Country Application

Award: Life Saving Application

Warrant Application for Non-Salvationists

Individual Emblems:

  1. Achievement

  2. Adventurer

  3. Artist

  4. Athlete

  5. Basketmaker

  6. Bible (HA)

  7. Bird Study (HA)

  8. Collector

  9. Computer Knowledge

  10. Cooking (HA)

  11. Cyclist (HA)

  12. Drug Awareness (HA)

  13. Ecology

  14. Etiquette

  15. First Aider (HA)

  16. Flower Study (HA)

  17. Friendship

  18. Friends to Animals

  19. Heritage

  20. Homemaker (HA)

  21. Insect Life

  22. Laundress

  23. Leather Lacing

  24. Native American Lore

  25. Needlecraft

  1. Nursery Craft

  2. Our Own Activity

  3. Outdoor Living

  4. Patriotism

  5. Personal Health

  6. Personal Safety

  7. Physical Fitness

  8. Play Acting

  9. Reader

  10. Recruiter

  11. Safety First

  12. Salvation Army (HA)

  13. Service

  14. Shopper

  15. Singing

  16. Skating

  17. Space Travel

  18. Star Study

  19. Swimmer (HA)

  20. Timbrel

  21. Trailblazer

  22. Tree Study

  23. World Knowledge