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The Salvation Army Girl Guard program emphasizes discipleship, evangelism, and the development of life skills. Aimed at girls in grades 6-12, it offers opportunities for building relationships with the youth who are members of the program as well as unique opportunities for presenting the gospel. Girl Guards takes members through a series of achievement emblems to develop their unique individuality and potential.


  • Exploration of personal strengths and gifts through interaction with leaders and other youth
  • Learning the importance of moral values and biblical truths by experiencing God’s Word and by the example Christian leaders model
  • Developing physically, mentally, and socially as they learn program aims and goals
  • A balanced environment for learning that is fun, youth-oriented, and Christ-honoring

Girl Guards Course Materials:

All Course Materials
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Girl Guards Introduction/Handbook

Arts & Skills

Health & Happiness



Personal Growth

Present & Future

Individual Emblems:

  1. Archery

  2. Auto Know-How

  3. Bible Study

  4. Blow Your Own Horn

  5. Cake Decorating

  6. Careers

  7. Choices with Voices

  8. Christmas Ministries

  9. Collector

  10. Communications

  11. Commuity Health and Safety

  12. Community Knowledge

  13. Computers

  14. Confident Cook

  15. Creatures and Creation

  16. Design and Decorate

  17. Dimensions Unlimited

  18. Discovering

  19. Dramatics

  20. Ecology

  21. Fabrics to Fashion

  22. Focus on the Arts

  23. Green Thumb

  24. Growing A Leader

  25. Growing Wild

  26. Handywoman

  27. Hit the Trail

  28. Home Sweet Home

  29. IFTF - Parenthood

  1. IFTF - Surviving in an Adult World

  2. Internet Safety and Netiquette

  3. My World - My Heritage

  4. Native American Heritage

  5. Needle Knack

  6. Now You See It

  7. On The Go

  8. Our Own Activity

  9. Pathfinding

  10. Pedal Pusher

  11. Racquet Sports

  12. Recreational Sports

  13. Roughing It

  14. Safety First - First Aid

  15. Science Potpourri

  16. Smooth Sailing

  17. Space

  18. Special Needs Awareness

  19. Substance Abuse

  20. Super Sitter

  21. Swims Like A Fish

  22. Team Sports

  23. The Earth Below

  24. The Salvation Army

  25. The Sky Above

  26. Timbrelist

  27. Wild and Free

  28. Working with Wood

Applications, Resources, and References:

HOW Book: Girl Guards

Girl Guard Application

Warrant Bond Application

Parental Permission Form

Catherine Booth Award Application

General's Guard Award Application

God and Country Award Application

Life Saving Award Application

Palm Award Application

Logos and Branding:

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