Adventure Corps

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The Salvation Army Adventure Corps is a character-building program designed for boys in grades one through eight. Its purpose is to assist boys in developing their individuality and potential.

It has been proven that youth are less likely to participate in risky behaviors (drugs, alcohol, teen sex, violence, etc.) if they consistently take part in positive community programs. At the same time, good health and success in school increase when youth take part in community programs. Adventure Corps is a faith-based community program which focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual growth needed in males today. Adventure Corps is an important aspect in Corps ministry that could provide a Corps with a strong young male church base.


  • To aid in the growth of young men in regards to their physical, mental, and spiritual needs
  • To provide a safe, organized, faith-based program for young men
  • To bridge the community with Corps services
  • To encourage members to invite family members to other weekly programs and worship at the Corps
  • To remind young men that it is their duty to “give back” to the community through volunteering and service

Adventure Corps Course Materials:

Explorers (Grades 1-5)

The Explorer program is designed to create an opportunity for boys in first through fifth grade to step out on an adventure with Christ and the world around them.

Rangers (Grades 6-12)

The Ranger program is designed for boys in the 6th through 12th grades to “GO, DO, SEE, and BE.” The aim of this program is to create a desire for the boys to be active learners in the magnificent world we live in and of the God who created it all.