Course A - Cycle 1 (Fall 2014)

BOLD for Corps Cadets

While several of these themes are woven into all lessons throughout the five years of Corps Cadets, we will take a more direct approach in teaching on these concepts in this course. For example, the Mercy lessons will introduce corps cadets to what mercy is. They will learn how we live it out as The Salvation Army both here (home) and there (abroad). As they learn about compassion, they will discover the leadership example of Mother Teresa as well as the Army’s Community Care Ministries. And they will see how mercy works itself out in real life, particularly through teaching and discussion about those affected by abortion and euthanasia.

The lessons on Love begin with a Bible study of Matthew 22:37-39, the Greatest Commandment of loving God and loving others. Then corps cadets will look at our heritage as a charity, learning that charity is actually another word for love, and seeing how we put our love in action as a movement. The leadership lesson focuses on Jesus’s leadership example as One who embodies love in action. Finally, they will look at God’s unconditional love as our source of self-worth and will discuss some difficult subjects such as bullying, suicide, and physical “love.”

The Bible Study lessons help corps cadets see the immense value of studying the Word of God—both individually and in community. They will discover the importance of the Bible being alive and active and how Christian education matters as a part of our discipleship process. Furthermore, they will be introduced to the inductive Bible study method and how to apply it to Scripture for themselves.

The Integrity lessons will begin by explaining to corps cadets that integrity is acting and being the same in secret as we are in public. They will study this concept by looking at the lives of Achan as well as Ananias and Sapphira. Corps cadets will view integrity through The Salvation Army’s ninth doctrine, learning about some heroes of the faith who demonstrated lifelong integrity: Colonel Bo Brekke and Major Massilamony Annapakiam.

The Monthly Topics for Course A are:

  • Mercy
  • Love
  • Bible Study
  • Integrity

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