Course C

BOLD for Corps Cadets

In Course C, there are some big themes to tackle: Service, Purity and Sex, Absolute Truth, and The Church. To this generation, these themes are designed to transcend an educational lesson on right thinking and right living. These themes are meant to be prophetic to this generation! As your teens look through the leadership perspectives from people like King David, Abraham Lincoln, and C. S. Lewis; as they examine Scriptures that reveal a greater truth that transcends the natural aspect of this world; and as they reflect on the classical Christian themes of service and purity—we have one over arching aim by the time your corps cadets meet the new year: that they will be more loving and more obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Monthly Topics for Course A are:

  • Service
  • Purity and Sex
  • Absolute Truth
  • The Church

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